Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Morning Out With Anna Mae!

We left at 6:30am to head out to an antique/vintage/ event. It was held at a fire hall in another town and we were excited by the details of it all. There really isn't much of this kind of thing (that we know about) in this immediate area. Here are my finds today....

I stopped dead in my tracks when I found a dozen vintage yard sticks! I want to make more of the racks I practiced on before. Here is the link to My Yardstick Project 
They are already worn, dark and so vintage looking that I will not have to do any stain or touch up to them! They are just perfect! 

I always wanted a washboard to do some sort of project with and now I have one. I am thinking of painting it an antique white, distressing it and then paint blackboard paint on the top piece of wood and maybe on the back side glue some cork. This way it can be reversible to whatever way you want to use it! 

These 3 pieces are setting on top of a small wooden crate that I got. On top here is an old ball canning jar (small), a metal scroll candle holder with candle (that I will paint white of course) and the the quartet of small picture frames that I will paint and place old photos inside. I may make them into fridge magnets. 

I loved this wire chicken filled with painted wooden eggs. This will be mine for my own decor. No repurposing. 

I FINALLY got a vintage scale! I was so happy about it. I was showing Mr H this picture before I posted it and he said, Oh that reminds me I have something for you.... he ran out to the car and brought back in a bag full of doilies!!!! (Not the ones pictured of course) The doilies on top of the scale reminded him they were in his car. His mother picked them up for me! What a lovely surprise!!!

Anyway, Anna Mae and I had a good time. She also got some goodies as well! 

Of course this isn't something I picked up today, but was looking out my dining widow while photographing for the blog and saw my garlic chives, regular chives, and tulips are coming up nicely! Spring is here! Now if only the outside temperatures would say spring!!! It is only in the 30's here right now (10:30am). 

Hopefully this weekend I will get my yardsticks cut and make the mini wall trellis' with them! 

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