Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to Decorate Your House with Primitive Decor

I am amazed what I already have!

Now that I have been getting more and more into Primitive decor, I have been searching for more ways to turn my home decor over to Prim.

Here are a few ways to get started in your own home with Prim Decor!

  • Get some gingham fabric and rip into strips. Tie these strips around handles, picture frames, anywhere you can tie a bow. Check your local fabric shop for sales or even yard sales. Even an old gingham curtain set can be cut and ripped into strips, for an aged effect, dye them in tea!

  • Place some rusted metal stars around your home. These are always on sale around the holidays (at least in my area they are) OR, find some tin scraps and cut your own stars!

  • Hang some berry garland around the house at doorways, overtop/intertwined in curtain rods, around shelves, etc. Berry garland can get expensive, so be on the lookout for sales.

  • Saltbox houses placed around the house give that Prim look. (You can also make your own out of pressed paper, cardboard, wood, etc.

  • Paint blocks of wood with the words Simplify, simple quotes etc., and place around the home above doorways, stacked on top of old books or just on a table top

  • Look for free online patterns for stitching your own fabric with Willow trees, saltbox houses and quotes. Make frames for them using old scrap wood.

  • Make some decorative pillows to place on the sofa, chairs, windowsills, bedspread, etc. You can easily take two squares of fabric, run stitches up 3 of the sides and use velcro across the top. This way, you can change your pillow covers to match the holiday/season and interchange them quickly. This costs less than buying new pillows each time.

  • Take some old baskets and yarn scraps. Roll the yarn into balls and place in baskets around the house. You can find yarn at yard sales or flea markets as well!

  • Research Primitive decorating and learn how to make most of your own prims.

I have found a GREAT way to make cloth looked tea stained in an instant. Purchase some wood tone craft spray and lightly spray your cloth. Please note - I do understand that this is using chemicals and not as environmental friendly. For an American Traditions tree I am decorating at work, I needed small American flags to look "old". So I spray painted them with the wood tone spray, and while wet, crinkled them to give the antique effect. I needed to do this quickly, so this is why I used our craft spray. They look like they were actually tea stained and I was quite pleased with the results.

Remember - the Prim style is all about simplifying. While you are simplifying your decor, find other ways to simplify your life. In today's economic times, finding ways to cut back and simplify may be on your agenda. Finding little ways that you can simplify your lifestyle can help you cut back costs. Learn a new craft like knitting/crocheting/sewing, learn how to freeze/can veggies and fruits, learn how to use less energy by turning off lights in rooms that are not being used, try to run errands all in one trip to save gas. I am sure you can think of at least one of 2 ways where you can cut back if you need too.

Will the economy bounce back - probably one day, but in the mean time, think of how much you will save just by slowing down and simplifying one part of your life.


Jenn said...

This is a great post Laurie!!

Winterwood said...

love it Laurie! I'm so glad I found your blog.

simple~needs said...

i found your blog while surfing.:) i am adding you to my blog rool.
i stain fabrics with left over coffee( the stronger the better) it works great!